Abraham: the Believer - Audio/Video Message

Setting the Scene: Shortly before the fall of Sumer’s Third Dynasty (Ur destroyed in 2004 B.C. by the Elamites) God calls a man out of the darkness of occult-paganism and polytheism to follow and serve the one true Living God. Abram listens and acts. This is a major transition point in the Bible as God begins His call of one man who will become one nation, out of which the Promised Seed (Gen.3:15) will appear. Today’s Questions:

1.) What can we learn from Abram (later Abraham), the “Father of our Faith?” (see Romans 4:16).
2.) Why is Abraham such a key figure in the Story of Salvation?

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When Godly People Fail - Audio/Video

After the Flood Noah begins a new life in a new world. While enjoying the blessings of God, Noah sins by getting drunk. His son, Ham, mocks and exposes his failure; but his other sons, Shem and Japheth, cover him. This message will cover the issues of Christians and alcohol, godly people failing, and how others respond to godly people when they fall.

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The Noahic Covenant - Audio/Video

Genesis 8:6-9:11

As Noah and his family make it through the year-long plus journey of the Flood what are some qualities we can learn for our own lives today? What were God’s first Words after the Flood? What significance does the Noahic Covenant have in our times? What does God think of Humanism? How is Jesus’ teaching the answer? These are just some of the topics covered in this message.

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The Ark of God

The Bible is the story of salvation for mankind found in Jesus Christ alone. Beginning in Genesis 3:15 God began manifesting His eternal plan of redemption and the coming reality of Messiah. This reality was fulfilled in the person of Jesus. Born of the flesh, crucified on the cross, risen from the dead – this Jesus is the Vessel of God’s salvation, the direct manifestation of His Presence, and the fulfillment of God’s promise of relief from sin and death made in the covenant of Christ’s blood. Are these qualities pictured in Noah’s day? Was Noah’s ark a type of Jesus? Is Jesus our “Ark” today? Listen below...

Breaking Point - Audio

When asked about His second coming, Jesus said to study the Great Flood of Noah’s day (Matthew 24:3, 37-39). He told His people to be ready and alert as they wait for Him to return. This is what we want to do; and it is why we study The Flood account in Genesis. Many today think Genesis to be outdated and irrelevant for our times. This is the opposite of the truth. The truth is, a good understanding of the Pre-Flood culture and what led up to God bringing wrath to mankind is critical to understanding what to look for in the future events that take place leading up to the end of time. Listen below...

The Successful Christian (Part 3)


Learning to sit before we serve is the essence of living a successful Christian life. Too often, we want to do the opposite. Too many of us get busy “serving” Christ without having sat long hours at His feet, listening to His Word. We need more sitters than servers in our times; and a person has no business serving if they haven’t sat. Listen or watch below...

A Godly Lineage

Genesis 5

Questions from the study:
- What are the qualities of a Godly lineage?
- Am I known for these qualities?
- If not, what can I do?

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